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Greetings from the Minifiddlers festival!

Minifiddlers pilot phase (4 years) culminated in Festival organised at the Faroe Islands in the beginning of June.
There were in total 46 children and almost 20 pedagogues from 7 different countries who participated in the rehearsals during the week and played in the concert on Sunday 12th June. Also many of the parents and grandparents of the children, around 40 people, took part in the festival.

Minifiddlers at the Faroe Islands

Minifiddlers at the Faroe Islands

During the festival the children got to play together and the pedagogues had the opportunity to share their experiences about the Minifiddlers program. After the intensive rehearsal period and wonderful concert the pedagogues, children and their parents had the opportunity to explore the unique landscapes of the Faroe Islands.

We thank the festival organizers, children, parents and pedagogues from Finland, Denmark, Germany, Faroe Islands, South Korea, England and Israel for making the festival so special and unforgettable event!

Children at tutti rehearsal

Children at tutti rehearsal

Minifiddlers festival was organized at the Faroe Islands on 9th-12th June 2016. All the children, parents, and pedagogues, who had been involved in the real-time distance lessons of the pilot phase, had been invited to the event to celebrate the 4-year long learning experience.
During the pilot phase also 120 Minifiddlers video lessons prepared by Prof. Szilvay have been documented on a weekly base. International Minifiddlers program was started by Finnish violinist Maarit Rajamäki in 2012 to offer Finnish top-knowledge in classical music education to everybody – regardless the geographical location.

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